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The Blackwell Companion to Greek Tragedy provides readers with a fundamental grounding in Greek tragedy, and also introduces them to the various methodologies and the lively critical dialogue that characterize the study of Greek tragedy today. Comprises 31 original essays by an international cast of contributors, including up-and-coming as well as distinguished senior scholars Pays attention to socio-political, textual, and performance aspects of Greek tragedy All ancient Greek is transliterated and translated, and technical terms are explained as they appear Includes suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter, and a generous and informative combined bibliography.

Foley Ed. A Companion to Ancient Epic.

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Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World. ISBN: Theodorakopoulos - - The Classical Review 59 1 Harrison S. A Companion to Latin Literature. Greek Tragedy N. Rabinowitz Greek Tragedy. ISBN: Hbk. The Form of Tragedy S.

The Cambridge Companion to Greek Tragedy

Brown, C. Silverstone Edd. Tragedy in Transition.

Understanding Dionysus Through Tragedy - A Show for Dionysus - P E Easterling

ISBN: Pbk. Literature I. Storey and A. Oxford: Blackwell, Gregory Ed.

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A Companion to Greek Tragedy. The Hellenistic World A. Erskine Ed.

Malden, Ma and Oxford: Blackwell Publishing John Ferguson places each play in its historical, political, and social context—important for both Athenian and modern audiences—and he displays a keen, discriminating critical competence in dealing with the plays as literature. Ferguson is sensitive to the meter and sound of Greek tragedy, and, with remarkable success, he manages to involve even the Greekless reader in an actual encounter with the Greek as poetry.

He examines language and metrics in relation to each tragedian's dramatic purpose, thus elucidating the crucial dimension of technique that other handbooks, mostly the work of philologists, renounce in order to concentrate on structure and plot.