Am I Beautiful

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Am I Pretty Enough?

How often do people call you beautiful? Like, never! Every once in a while maybe Every few days.

How beautiful are you?

All the time, even strangers tell me! How often do you smile? Lip smile, I'm not a big fan of the teeth.

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Teeth, teeth, teeth! With teeth, but i have braces.

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Yes, due to a medical condition. I'm perfect! I have balanced diet.

I'm little overweight, but i'm starting to work on it. Do you maintain good personal hygiene? I guess. Usually, often i can't find the time. My looks definitely opened doors for me. I worked in PR and as a news producer, writer, reporter, and talk-show host. I did acting in daytime soaps, TV commercials, and theater.

One of the worst things about being beautiful is that other women absolutely despise you. Women have made me cry my whole life. Throughout my life, competitive, attractive, wealthy, entitled women really hated me.

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At my first job after college, my female colleagues conspired against me. They planted bottles of half-drunk booze on my desk so that it looked like I was drinking on the job. Two women were obsessed with me. They told my boss lies to get me fired. They really do hate you because of the way you look. I was once engaged to a man who ended it after his sister-in-law spread gossip about me to his family.

Am I Beautiful?

They threatened to cut his inheritance if he stayed with me, so he left. That broke my heart. I think her feeling was: I am the princess of this family, that woman must be eliminated. Later, after I married another man, I went through hell with my sister-in-law. Not allowed None of you business anyway! I don't really care, anyway. That all. Just right!

I have a lot now and want more!!

What Kind Of Beautiful Are You? (GIRLS ONLY)

Soft as a baby's bottom! VERY long!! Legs - length of about three people XD. Chin - neck. Middle of back - bottom. Now, please be honest. If you pick this one you're definitely lying, because this giraffe I picked was tall compared to a full-grown man.