Christmas Crazy (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 3)

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Blog powered by Typepad. There are too many special ones to name. Now I read books written by writer friends who I want to support when I have time to read, so it varies. Joss Whedon is a master of word play.

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Currently I like Castle , or at least I did until it went off the air. I also like Bones and Scorpion. Oh, and Big Bang , I could watch that all day. KRL: Buffy is my favorite too! Joss Whedon is my hero. Any advice for aspiring or beginning writers? Kathi: Just do it. If you write a book you would love to read, chances are someone else will love to read it as well.

The first book I wrote was Road to Christmas Past. Kathi: I began dating my husband when I was fifteen. He is the best person on the planet, and the hero I always write. We have been together for 42 years and married for Kathi: One of the things I am proud of and a connection I make with my readers, is through the recipes I include in my books.

Members are free to post any recipe for others to enjoy. I do not pull recipes from this page for the books, but I have an email where I accept submissions for the books. These must be original recipes or recipes that have been significantly modified from the original. The email address to submit these recipes is recipe kathidaley[dot]com. I also published a cookbook with recipes from Zoe Donovan and friends. The cookbook includes more than 50 recipes as well as full color holiday graphics and anecdotes from Zoe on Christmas Eve.

Thank you, KRL, for the awesome interview. Join me on Facebook. Website: www. A winner will be chosen October 15, If entering via email please include your mailing address, and if via comment please include your email address. You can use these links to purchase these books from Amazon. If you have ad blocker on you may not see the link:. You nailed it in this book review and interview with Kathi Daley! As a fan of her awesome books you totally get what a reader adores! The wonderful characters you immediately fall in love with, the storylines with mysteries and clever clues that keep you guessing until the end, the settings, the slight paranormal,the romance, and the furbabies!!

Even more enjoyable is that with every review and interview with Kathi I learn something new. Kathi keeps it fresh and you Kathleen Costa did not disappoint. Oh, my! Thanks SO much for an awesome review and interview and the Five Star rating on each!! I am not entering the contest, as I happily already own all three books!

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What a nice interview plus the reviews. Thanks for the chance to win them! These books sound amazing? No doubt I want to read them!! Recipes are so neat to have in the books!

Zoe Donovan Mystery

All three books look so intriguing. The covers are really creative! Thanks for the chance! Kathi is great! I was one of the readers that got to meet her and also drove 10 hrs.

Christmas Crazy (Zoe Donovan Mystery #3) by Kathi Daley (Review) - A Wytch's Book Review Blog

That event was so much fun! Awesome interview. I love the holiday themes in her books. Great interview. I wish I could have been at the Mystery Train event. Sounded like everyone had a blast! Thank you for the opportunity to win! I love all Kathi Daley books. Her characters are wonderful and they are set in small towns which I also enjoy.

Thank you for the great interview and thank you for the chance to win. I guess I should add my email also as per directions.

Christmas Crazy - A Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 3 (Paperback)

I did fill it out in the form. Anyway, it is marlene dot ezell at gmail dot com. Thank you for the great interview would love to win print copies. What a wonderful blog post. Lots of information and a great interview. I would love to win these books. I started reading cozy mysteries only this past year and now hunting them down like a mad woman. I absolutely love Kathy daley books they keep you interested from the first page to the last my kinda book.

Kathi Daley is a phenomenal author! Wonderful review and fantastic interview. Thank you for this chance. Very informative Kathleen! Wow to dating your future husband when you were in your teens, Kathi!

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Happy Halloween! I had a lot of fun reading and reviewing great books all very different, and interviewing a wonderful person. Great interview!

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I really like how she writes so seasonally! Thanks for the chance to win! JHolden at gmail dot com. What a great write up. I love learning something new about an author with an interview and this was no exception. Thank you for spotlighting Ms. Daley and her prolific writing pace. She is amazing!!!