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We first meet Jimmy Snowman, as he calls himself living in rags by the seaside, going half-mad with isolation, forgetting dozens of beautiful old words each day, and baby-sitting a new tribe of perfect humanoids who have been genetically modified by the arch-fiend Crake to survive the end of civilization.

Oryx and Crake

How they all got there is described in an elaborate series of flashbacks throughout the novel. Jimmy went to school with Crake back in the s, both of them sons of scientific whiz-brains who live in imperial luxury in one of the Compounds, super-gated communities run by the companies that have replaced any kind of central government. It contains Internet sites like hedsoff. Their world is also awash in pornography, which is where the boys first encounter Oryx, a beautiful sex slave from Thailand or Manila whom Crake tracks down and brings to live in the Compound.

Why does Crake want to do this, apart from being the standard-issue sci-fi megalomaniac?

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Subscribe: Digital Edition. Subscribe: Print Edition. Buy Back Issues. Born before the world imploded, his body and mind are ill-equipped for this extreme environment, unlike the Crakers who have been bioengineered to cope. As Jimmy reflects on his all-consuming love for the elusive Oryx and his fateful friendship with megalomaniac Crake, we begin to piece together the chain of events that led to this catastrophic state.

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Society has become divided between the compounds and the pleeblands: the former pushing the ethical boundaries of science for human benefit in self-contained, hermitically sealed cities; the latter fending for themselves in the unregulated outskirts. And while Jimmy struggles with his conscience, Crake forges ahead with his plans for a future race of humans that are naturally disease-free, UV-resistant, vegetarian and seasonally reproductive. But how to pave the way for these new, improved models?

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Radical genetic modification, environmental meltdown and moral apathy create the perfect storm for an apocalypse. Margaret Atwood is the author of more than 50 books of fiction, poetry, graphic novels and critical essays. The Door is her latest volume of poetry Her latest book of short stories is Stone Mattress: Nine Tales She lives in Toronto with writer Graeme Gibson. Harriet Lee-Merrion is an award-winning, Bristol-based illustrator whose work has been published worldwide and exhibited in New York, London and Berlin. She prefers to draw and paint on paper; its off-white tone provides a consistent backdrop to all her artworks.

She is the co-founder of Beginning Middle End, a publishing collective of illustrators who regularly create artists books and exhibit together. We by Yevgeny Zamyatin is a landmark work of modern dystopian satire. This special Folio edition features a unique lenticular slipcase and an introduction by acclaimed novelist Ursula K. Le Guin. The first illustrated edition of Ursula K. The Folio Society edition also includes an introduction by Becky Chambers and exquisite illustrations by David Lupton.

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