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Hunting out of a blind gives you several openings in the late season that could not be reached from the height of a tree stand.

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Besides the warmth and shelter from the weather, a blind allows you to get away with more movement. We will touch on this aspect later. If you live in states where baiting is legal, providing the attraction could be an extremely successful tactic! However, as the late season progresses into the hard winter months be cautious when it comes to feeding deer!

Check out the blog below to find out why! Scouting during the late season is just an important as any other time of the year. Making sure that you fully use every tool out there, providing you with critical information pertaining to the movement and behavior of the deer on your property is a vital part of successful muzzleloader hunting.

The 2019 Late Muzzleloader Hunt in Pennsylvania

Taking advantage of snow cover can really help you key in on highly used travel lanes, especially those leading from bedding areas to food. Often, these major trails will be different than those used during the rut, so it is important that you stay active in your scouting efforts during the late season, to ensure that you have your cameras in the right location. Glassing these travel corridors or food sources from afar, not only reveals key opportunities but keeps the human pressure low.

Deer Regulations for Archery, Muzzleloader, Firearms & Airguns

Deer are at the peak of being wary at this point in the season. The late season is often referred to as the fourth quarter. Late-season deer hunting can sometimes require the hunter to be a little more aggressive than they would be normally. Late season whitetails and especially mature bucks will stick to their thick bedding areas for most of the day, only leaving to feed. This is especially true of there is snow on the ground or you are hunting a high pressured area.

Being able to close the deal on a mature buck that fits this profile can often involve getting in extremely close to the bedding areas, and catching them on their way out to feed. One downside to being aggressive is, of course, running the risk of blowing the deer out of the area.

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Again, late season deer are coming directly off the heels of the regular deer season, which means they tend to have a low tolerance for pressure. If you do bump deer there is a chance that it could be game over until next season.

Top 3 Reasons to Shoot and Hunt with a Muzzleloader

Nevertheless, sometimes when the game is on the line you have to be a little aggressive in order to win the game, and the late season can be a perfect time to pull those aggressive play calls out and give them a try. Muzzleloader hunting presents a hunter with a different set of challenges and opportunities than at any other time during the whitetail season. There is nothing better than trailing a mature buck in the snow, and if you take advantage of a few of these tips… you might just have a little red to follow on a snowy afternoon.

Late season deer hunting success is possible, and can often turn into a better opportunity than the rut could ever hope to be! Your email address will not be published.

Top 3 Reasons Why Owners Love To Shoot and Hunt with a Muzzleloader

Subscribe me to your mailing list. Late-Season Muzzleloader Hunting I Stand Locations and Hunting Tips It seems like only yesterday that we were discussing tips and tactics for early season whitetails, and now we find ourselves staring at December! Late Season Scouting. Late Season Deer Hunting. Understanding and Hunting The Second Rut.

Hunting dates and deadlines - Wisconsin DNR

Smith had a lot to say, which shed light on the incredible interest in late-season muzzleloader hunting. First, Smith reminded me that scopes are now legal on all muzzleloaders. He stated that once that law changed, the number of muzzleloaders purchased went up substantially.

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Even though the. However, put a quality scope on that same muzzleloader and long-range shots become possible.

here Smith went on to add that there were other circumstances that occurred this year that made late season hunting more appealing to hunters. He started with the weather issues that reduced hunting success for many.

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  4. For the first two days of the regular season, much of our state was blanketed with steady rain. Neither hunters nor deer appreciate soggy conditions, which caused the deer harvest in the wet part of our state to plunge. MORE: For many, deer season is about more than just hunting. And then there was wind for most everyone else.

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    Even though deer have incredible senses for detecting danger, they do not like wind.