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Interesting to note how many are men!!! For the full list of syncro bloggers see here. Posted at AM Permalink. Reblog 0. Eternal Echoes Hoping to be a different person tomorrow from the one I am today Home Archives Profile Subscribe.

By Michelangelo I'm guessing this doesn't need too much introduction- here is a little bit of background: God is depicted as an elderly bearded man wrapped in a swirling cloak that he shares with some cherubim His left arm is wrapped around a female figure, normally interpreted as Eve- though this is often missed as we concentrate on the creation of Adam, it is often suggested that Eve who is not yet created, figuratively waits in heaven to be given an earthly form.

Here is another image- it is by the Artist Willow Heath and entitled Mother God; Here God and her creation are not separated, God- is intimately involved I see this picture in two ways either God is in drawing life from the water or my favoured interpretation is that God is encouraging her creation to enter into the depths of spirituality, to swim in its waters, to discover and become Elaine Pagels writes: Despite the previous activity of Christian women by the year , the majority of Christian communities had endorsed the canonical pseudo-Pauline letter of Timothy which stresses and exaggerates the anti-feminist element in Paul's views, "Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness.

He goes on to explain that we need to embrace both male and female imagery of God , showing how God is shown to encompass both the roles of mother and father: "You deserted the Rock who fathered you; you forgot the God who gave you birth Deut Drane says: "When you remember all this was written in an ancient male-dominated culture, and that the major challenge to Israels faith came from a traditional Canaanite religion which gave high profile to the sexual worship of the female form, then the acceptance of female imagery with which to describe God is all the more striking.

This is echoed in this prayer of reclamation from Nicola Slee : They called us Hag, Crone, Witch and Shrew, because they feared our knowledge and would not receive our wisdom. Posted at AM Permalink Reblog 0. Syncro blogging-Loving God, Loving others, loving self- responding to the Goddess a feminest perspective. Recent Posts only love John resurrection questions Through light and shadow Entering Holy Week; challenges, and possibilities letting go of the need to suceed I am learning Are we awake?

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Blog: Eternal Echoes Topics:. A coming-of-age novel that seems at times almost disinterested in its heroine? And yet, re-reading it in , I found it every bit as sharp and interesting as it was when it first appeared. A Mercy by Toni Morrison But this slim, almost mythic novella of a wild and disconsolate 17th century America reads like one long prose poem. At its heart is the question of ownership in the free world, and one of its main characters, Jacob Vaark, embodies all the contradictions of that question — he has slaves, servants, a mail-order bride, and is himself owned by his vanities.

They settled into the long learning of one another; preferences, habits altered, others acquired; disagreement without bile; trust and that wordless conversation that years of companionship rest on. He was indifferent having himself withstood all pressure to join the village congregation but content to let her be persuaded if she chose. After some initial visits and Rebekka choosing not to continue, his satisfaction was plain. They leaned on each other root and crown.

Needing no one outside their sufficiency.

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Or so they believed. And passive George is more than happy to let him shoulder the burden, although with a warning:. The play of form, of being, is the dreaming of substance. Rocks have their dreams, and the earth changes … But when the mind becomes conscious, when the rate of evolution speeds up, then you have to be careful. Careful of the world. You must learn the way. The must learn the skills, the art, the limits. A conscious mind must be part of the whole, intentionally and carefully — as the rock is part of the whole unconsciously.

Do you see? Does it mean anything to you? There: the world faces a zombie plague. Not like that, on show. A small alarm bell rings somewhere in her head.

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She looks quickly at him, half-afraid to see the tell-tale intensity of an incipient crush in his eyes. Not really a problem if so, but better if not. Somehow this is not reassuring. And Highbridge unfolds it all with a deeply respectful intelligence. Perhaps that is the only basis there really is for decisions of this sort for people like us.

One could respect that, at least. And it would make nothing simpler, really, since one would then have to discover what one believed the will of God to be.

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  • It depends on the individual outlook. Miss Garden, who never swore and never wept, here collapsed into tears, all her urbane breeding broken at last. He consoled her so tenderly, so pitifully, so mournfully, that she wept the more for love of him. The Virago Press reprinted this great book in the s twice — once with a hideous cover and once with a good cover.

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    James Tiptree is of course the pen-name used by the late Alice Sheldon to write some of the best science fiction of the 20th century. The book tells the story of the planet Damien, where years ago the beautiful native species was horrifically tortured to produce a wildly valuable substance called Star Tears.

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    Too abhorrent? On the Black Worlds there are Human beasts who salivate over the prospect of torturing children. And passing in any crowd are secret people whose hidden response to beauty is the desire to tear it into bleeding meat. This dark and almost hopeless note is struck throughout this novel horrible to think of the suffering Tiptree must have been enduring herself, to tap into all this and then put it down so cleanly on the page , and yet, impossibly, hope looks to prevail. Early March, winter nearly over. Ludo still following scheme I do not understand: found him reading Metamorphoses the other day though he is only up to Odyssey Seems to have slowed down on Odyssey , has only been reading lines or so a day for the past few weeks.

    Have made virtually no progress with Japanese. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel If this last title seems familiar, it should: not only did I give it rapturous praise over at Open Letters Monthly , but I was the very first person anywhere in the world to pronounce it brilliant, long before its publication, long before it won its shelf of awards: when two bits of it were excerpted in the Penny Press, I confidently predicted it might well end up being the best Tudor novel ever written — and I did all that despite the fact that its author is a woman!

    You will take his instructions in the Commons. And mine. The duke scowls. He waits, smiling. He knows what the duke means. He is a person, he is a presence. Compare a prince of the church to a serpent. He walks across the room; he slaps his hands together; he rubs them; he turns. Oh yes. What Englishman does not! We own France. We have to take back our own. For the remainder of the yr, we hold touch via a listserv, the place we speak about principles, circulation demands contributions, and submit publication studies and suggestions.

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