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This young man was left for dead after his friends brutally assaulted him. They drove him to an abandoned place and chucked him out thinking he was dead. After I learned of this, I immediately contacted him and invited him to have lunch with me. We spoke about life and I shared the gospel with him.

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He told me that he wished many times to change his life but he never understood the gospel. Justin is the son of one of my close relatives.

Justin does not know his father and has been estranged from him since his birth. They recently connected over the phone and plan to meet and reconcile. They believe that Jesus has already died for their sin so they can live as they want to live.

99.99% of Humanity Will Burn in Hell Forever, and Ever, and Ever…

I am a follower of Jesus. I still have questions. Scripture does not support that position when it is taken in context and we look at the meaning of the word "hell. In the New Testament, we find the story of Lazarus and the rich man who both died and went to Hades Luke The King James translates the Greek word "hades" as hell but most other translations use the Greek word. Hades had two separated parts. Those who died in faith believing in God's promise waited for the resurrection in Abraham's Bosom.

Those who died spiritually separated from God wait in torment for the resurrection unto death, or eternal separation from God. We are not given all of the details about where Jesus was during the time between His burial and resurrection morning, but we can say that Jesus did not descend into hell, which is the final abode of the lost. The word "Hades and Sheol" do not mean hell and so we cannot place the Spirit of Jesus in hell while His body was in the tomb.

We do know that Jesus did not see the corruption that man goes through in the grave Psalm even through Jesus said that He would spend three days and night in the "heart of the earth" Matthew We know that Jesus did go and "preach unto the spirits in prison" 1 Peter The use of the word "spirits" and not souls in this passage would seem to indicate that these were not the unsaved. Now, by using the Law, it makes the Gospel make sense, acting as 'salt', causing the unsaved to 'thirst' for the living water of Jesus. Salt and light is what we are to be, and since "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God", preaching this biblical method of conviction is being salt and light to this dying world.

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  • This might be of interest. It would be very helpful to have an explicit definition of what the actual "secret" is. Early on in the message, he speaks of a certain denomination's evangelism efforts during what they called "the decade of Harvest": Let me make it more real for you. Comfort argues: Now listen to what the modern gospel says. As for the influence it's had in recent years: While it's debatable whether Comfort's message is true , and it's not universally accepted, there's no denying that it has been widely accepted, and influential.

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