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Or are you fancying a less known dish? Want more? Have you ever thought of having a dinner in the historic salt mine, meters underground"?

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Mazurkas Travel is able to arrange it for you. We will take you on a cruise along the history of this multicultural place. Here Poles for the first time felt the breeze of freedom on their faces. The ship of changes sailed from the port through all other cities in Poland, soon expanding to other communistic countries leading to the fall of Berlin wall and freeing of Eastern Europe countries. Tri-City is still associated with the great revolution of the twentieth century, and Mazurkas Travel will be happy to help you feel the spirit of those events. Rumor has it that the capital of Poland was founded by a fisherman Wars and his wife Sawa — a mermaid who dropped her tail for love.

Although the tale escapes the rational thinking, Mazurkas Travel will guide you through Warsaw in exact same way — as a city which tells stories constantly. So what would you say about going for a time-travel with us? The only thing that limits us is our imagination! By seagway, bike, car, a boat or on foot — explore the city by any means of transport.

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But do it quickly, there is lots of fun ahead of us! And in the end, what about seeing the capital of Poland from its roof, the Palace of Culture and Science?

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In there was just one. Nowadays the most persistent seekers are able to count up to They are about 30 cm high, wearing pointy hat, silly shoes and they enjoy playing tricks. Dwarfs, because we are talking about them, are a great tourist attraction in the capital of Lower Silesia.

And new ones are constantly appearing!

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A fan of cultural attractions does not allow for a moment of boredom. At any time of the year you can find film festivals, chamber music, photography or literary films appreciated by experts. Can you think how many guitar players have you seen playing all at once? In there were over of them, come and see it yourself!

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You think only Sherwood had its Robin Hood? Well not exactly, Podhale has one as well! Janosik, the legendary highwayman, robbed nobles and gave to the poor. Although several centuries have passed since his times, his spirit is still present in the Tatra Mountains. Zakopane, the capital of Polish mountains, has been discovered rather recently, as only at the end of the 19th century.

Thanks to that, the city has managed to maintain many traditions, great food and authentic climate, which is not to be found anywhere else in the country.

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Zakopane is a place that provides the fan of attractions at any time of the year. Skii down the slopes in the winter, or climb the peaks and discover beauty of nature from spring to autumn. For the less experienced skiers, there are gondolas that take tourists up, where you can admire unforgettable views: green meadows where sheep are lazily grazing, sapphire lakes, small villages lying in the valleys or snow-capped peaks in the distance. The beauty of the Tatra nature will impress everyone!

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And for the thrill seekers: in Zakopane there is an old, abandoned sanatorium, where it haunts. Do you want to see it? It is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Every day, at crowds of tourists gather on the main square to enjoy the show. Two mechanical Old factories and historic town squares, subjected to thorough revitalizations, regain their former splendor, while opening up to residents and tourists.

It was there where Krzysztof Komeda, the composer of the world famous lullaby from the film "Rosemary's Baby", came to the world. An unanticipated outcome of this work was the discovery that the Concert Artists recording of the Mazurkas issued in the name of Joyce Hatto was in fact a slightly modified version of the recording by Eugen Indjic; this was the first proof of the infamous Hatto hoax , which became generally known in February Although some of these analyses involved customised spreadsheets and other approaches developed for individual applications, the project gave rise to a number of general-purpose online tools developed by Sapp and accessible here : they allow you for example to determine global dynamic values at selected points for instance at each beat , and to generate a variety of correlation plots.

Details of these tools may again be found in the section of this website on Analysing recordings an investigation of the musicological potential of these objective analyses. This work, undertaken by Nicholas Cook, focused round four main areas: i an investigation of how pianists create the characteristic 'mazurka effect' through timing, dynamics, and articulation, and the different styles of mazurka performance that have resulted; ii a study of phrase arching, generally thought to be a definitive aspect of expressive performance but now shown to be a historically and even to some extent geographically delimited practice; iii an exploration of how empirical approaches to recordings can be reconciled with interdisciplinary performance studies and its emphasis on the way in which meaning is generated through the act of performance; and iv , extending the methods developed in this project to a different repertory, a characterisation of the 'rhetorical' pianistic style of Eugene d'Albert , a pianist whom the music theorist Heinrich Schenker admired, and on the basis of this a re-evaluation of Schenker's highly influential writings on performance.

All these materials will feed into a book to be published by Cook under the provisional title In Real Time: Analysing Music as Performance. An extensive project website intended primarily as a working site for project members, contains among other things a listing of recordings collected for the project, tempo and global dynamic data for many recordings, and analytical visualisations.

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These materials are freely available and we shall be interested to hear about other uses of them, but ask that you acknowledge the source in any resulting publication. Click here for a listing of the publications arising from this project.

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