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Music, song, instrument experimentation led by our teachers and we bring everything with us so staff at the centres can join in without worrying about set up and pack down.

We encourage centres to book at least fortnightly for a term but can do one off sessions when requested We have specialised Pacific Sessions which are one off 1 hour sessions that were designed to support learning during language weeks but are now our most requested sessions. The enquire or book ……. There are many opportunities for those with a talent and interest in music to use their gifts in service at All Souls on Sundays and during the week.

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If you'd like to get involved in the band, choir or All Souls Orchestra please contact us. But you don't have to be musically trained to get involved either!

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The music support team assists on Sundays and orchestra trips away so please get in touch if you can help in this way. In addition to music on Sundays and during the week, our musicians present a number of special events both at All Souls and other venues across the UK and beyond.

Under the leadership of Michael Andrews Senior Music Minister , the music team look after the music requirements across All Souls' services and events, as well as performances by the All Souls Orchestra around the UK and abroad. And we all have a purpose!

Music of Souls~~Eternity's Opus (A Sample)

I have had the great blessing of being raised by a father who works in the mental health profession as a psychiatrist. Because he sees people at their lowest points, he has been able to teach us invaluable lessons about the value of life and how we can work to overcome feelings of hopelessness. Suicide is heartbreaking and difficult to understand.

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The heartache and guilt they carry for always wondering what they could have done can be a weight almost too heavy to bear. Our loving Savior knows us all perfectly. He knows our darkest thoughts and our hardest days.

He knows how to care for us and teach us and walk with us through the hurricanes raging inside as we fight to hold on. And he knows how to embrace his children who let go. My father-in-law, Utah Gov.

Gary Herbert, recently put together a task force whose mission is to provide support and information through programs and resources combating teen suicide. But suicide is something we need to talk about and see what we can do to make things better.


All of us have a role to play. Whether through counseling, programs or even music, the mission of people like Cardall and Herbert and countless other people across the nation is to provide hope and prevent suicide. However, for those who have walked that path with dear ones, President M. The worth of your soul is great. Believe that!