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Three spectators died in that melee, and four other persons were injured, including one driver, Frank Bailey. The second multi-car crash of took place on September 27 during the 20th lap of the mile sweepstakes race at the state fair in Nashville.

While there is confusion about whether four or five cars were involved in this crash, there is no doubt about what happened or the result. The car in the lead which had lapped the one then in second place began skidding and collided with the machine beside it.

Two or three other vehicles, which had been close on the heels of the second-place car, rammed into the two cars piled up in front. Only one person died in this mess, veteran dirt track racer Howard Howdy Cox. No one other than the drivers involved in the wreck were injured; unlike the accident at Langhorne, no spectators were harmed.

News coverage of both accidents fails to mention anything about peanuts, either about their hulls being found in the cockpits of crashed cars, or intact peanuts being harvested from their grilles. Subsequent to these deadly events, a rumor that peanut husks had something to do with either or both of these accidents began to circulate. Others assert mechanics in the s would routinely find peanut shells from the nearby grandstands in the cylinders of engines that had failed. It is known, however, that this proscription against peanut shells and race cars antedates , which rules out both fatal multi-car accidents of that year as the beginning of this myth.

Yet there is a tie to at least one of those accidents. Vern Orenduff of peanut-hating fame was one of the drivers involved in the 27 September crash in Nashville in which Howard Cox was killed.

Can You Make Extra Money Harvesting Walnuts from Your Property?

Race car drivers are a superstitious bunch, which is not surprising given the capricious danger of the sport. So very little stands between drivers and death, with the smallest of errors or mechanical malfunctions serving to send cars flying off the track and those behind their wheels to eternal rest. Still others eschew everything having to do with the number 13, or swear by eating at a particular restaurant just before the Daytona , or by noshing on a bologna sandwich just before a race.

Some superstitions are even weirder.

Associated Data

The best known racing superstition is an aversion to green cars, which are said to be particularly accident prone, even homicidal. Which food contains less Sodium? Walnut contains less Sodium difference - 16mg. Which food is lower in Saturated Fat? Walnut is lower in Saturated Fat difference - 0. Which food is lower in glycemic index? Peanut is lower in glycemic index difference - 6. Which food is cheaper? Which food is richer in minerals? Peanut is relatively richer in minerals.

Canned beans

Which food contains less Cholesterol? Which food is richer in vitamins? It cannot be definitely stated which food is richer in vitamins. See charts below for detailed information. All nutrients comparison - raw data values In the column "Opinion" we made some assumptions which could be controversial.

NASCAR Peanuts Superstition

For instance we are assuming that less saturated fats is good for you. Herbs and seasonings are one way to boost the flavor of wholesome foods, but hot sauce is another.

To help you hit your goal, consider canned seafood. Largeman-Roth says that three ounces of chunk light tuna packs 16 grams of protein and about milligrams of DHA and EPA omega 3s per each calorie serving. Sardines are also tops on her list of healthy processed foods. According to Feller, the combination makes for a nourishing topping that can be used in a number of meals, such as a seasoning for baked fish or a dressing when thinned with extra EVOO or warm water for greens.

Largeman-Roth uses peanut butter for after school snacks and for adding a quick and delicious hit of plant-protein 7 grams per 2 tablespoons at breakfast. For those who are allergic to nuts or those who want to branch out , sunflower seed butter is a great alternative.

Cursed nut

I think we can all agree on that. Much of the fish you buy has been pre-frozen so buying it already frozen is almost like buying it at the fish counter. All I have to do is stick them in the oven! Gorin suggests using the mercury wallet card from the Natural Resources Defense Council as a guide to choosing fish with less mercury and FishWatch.

Spotting the MSC blue fish label is another way to identify sustainable seafood. Plain yogurt and cottage cheese both fall in the camp of healthier processed foods. Mix it into eggs before scrambling for a cheesy, creamy texture, or use as a protein boost in pancake batter. Mix with goat cheese for a tasty base for a flatbread. Want more tips like these?

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