The Kaunas Conspiracy

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Mosque in 40 Tartars Village in Lithuania. Cohabitation never help, in psichological war it is very important to devide a nation into groups. Brenton Tarrant is too low educated to learn that in Balkans war was constructed by Western forces.

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That Bosnia and Hercogovina is too beautiful country to get in war again. You are commenting using your WordPress.


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Brenton Tarrant did not choose himself nor date, nor town, nor country. The message of Christchurch is very much far away from what is seen.

If something similar happens you must always check what is hidden, covered by that. At March 15 great shellings of Russia air forces took place in Syria. Did we hear about that? We all mourne for victims, and do not know that Syria war is getting to very fast end. Destructional Gladio type forces are in danger.

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They will loose their jobs. The war is a job for them. Actually Brenton Tarrant revenged for Swedish girl, he said in his paper. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment:. Email required Address never made public. Then the capital of Manchuria, Harbin was an international city primarily controlled by Japan. While in Harbin, Sugihara married a Russian woman — whom he later divorced — and converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity.

Manchuria was also the site of Sugihara's first assignments after finishing his diplomatic training. As deputy consul, he negotiated with the Soviet Union to win control of the Manchurian Railroad at a favorable price for Japan. However, Japan's cruel treatment of the Chinese in its quest for dominance was more than Sugihara could stomach.

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He resigned from his post in and returned to Tokyo to retrain for assignments in Europe. While there, he met and married Yukiko Kikuchi. As Nazi and Russian troops poured into Poland in the fall of , Sugihara was appointed consul general to Lithuania and moved there with Yukiko and their young children.

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While his official assignment was to set up a small consulate in the capital city of Kaunas, his primary responsibility was to monitor Soviet and German troop movements near the border with Russia. During his time in Lithuania, the Sugiharas quickly became acquainted with many of the local residents, including some Jewish families, who shared with him their fears of the growing Nazi menace. These friendships may have formed at least part of what inspired Sugihara to help the refugees when Nazi troops closed in on Lithuania.

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Although his own government would not officially accept such a large number of refugees, Sugihara defied protocol and wrote scores of visas every day throughout August , giving thousands of desperate refugees a chance to escape a terrible fate. Later that fall, under intense pressure from the Soviet regime, which had annexed Lithuania in June, Sugihara was forced to close the consulate. After traveling to Berlin, he was reassigned to several Japanese consulates throughout Nazi-occupied Europe through the end of the war.

Sugihara was serving in Bucharest at the time of Germany's surrender in , and when the Soviets took control of Romania, he and his family were detained there for over a year in an internment camp. They were released in , but detained again for months in Vladivostok on their journey back to Japan. Upon arriving back in Tokyo in , Sugihara was pressured to resign from the foreign ministry. He believed that the dismissal was a direct result of his decision to issue the unauthorized visas in , though the official reason was downsizing of the diplomatic corps during Japan's post-war occupation by the United States.