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Kone, a journalist forced to flee the Ivory Coast, remained in detention for three years and recounted the dehumanising effect of being reduced to a number. His description of fellow inmates mutilating themselves, some sewing up their lips in despair, the suicide attempts, children…. Thank you to all supporters of A Country of Refuge.

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The anthology aims to counter just the kind of negative media that is currently so prevalent about 'migrants' in Calais. These people are helping to fund A Country of Refuge. Hi, Caitlin at Unbound set to post via this page. I'd like to submit a poem for consideration which I believe has resonance. I have had poetry published before in newspapers, literary journals etc. Seamus Heaney even wrote to me to say he liked one. The swirl of a morning mist revealed them Close in together.

Sun summoned to sleep. Thank you for sharing your poem. Yes it's very resonant. I do have a full quota of writers for the anthology, I'm afraid, but do hope you can place it elsewhere. There is an anthology of poems being prepared Thanks again. Bw Lucy. Unbound requires JavaScript, and may not work correctly without it. Find out how to enable it. You made A Country of Refuge a reality. It's available in all good book stores now.

Digital E-book edition. Paperback 1st edition book and the ebook edition. Signed Signed by Lucy 1st edition book and the ebook edition. Batch Release Five 1st edition books shipped together.

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Group Creative Writing Class Everything up to the signed level plus a four hour creative writing workshop with Lucy Limited to 10 people, London only. Individual Editorial Advice Everything up to the signed level plus a two hour one-on-one editorial session with Lucy London only.

Launch Party Everything up to the signed level, plus two tickets to the launch party. Special Thanks Everything up to the signed level plus your name in the front of the book as special thanks. Frontispiece Everything up to the signed level plus your name or your institution's name in the front of the book thanking you for your special donation. POA I think this cause is important and I'm feeling generous.

Frequently Asked Questions Where can I get my book delivered to? We deliver to most countries worldwide. Enter your delivery address during checkout and we'll display the shipping cost when we know where to send your book. How do supporter names work? Every person who pledges to help to make a book gets their name included in a supporter section as a thank you. Skip to main content. Recaptures the astonishing outpouring of poetry in response to the Civil War. From bathos to profound philosophical meditation and sorrow, the range of these poems illuminates the complexity of their era while also revealing the continuing power of this turning point in American history to speak to readers in the present day.

The volume is divided into three parts, each offering a different perspective on the poetry generated by the war. Viewing the struggle from many different vantage points gives the reader access to the ways that people from various backgrounds experienced the trajectory of the war. Civilians and soldiers, free blacks and proponents of slavery, women and men from Massachusetts and Virginia and from recently admitted states and barely developed territories, writers with their eyes on the national political stage and those focused on personal domestic issues: these are the multiple voices of America responding to the war.

Part II includes substantial selections of poems by writers who published extensively in response to the conflict, providing more complex and comprehensive perceptions of the war. Part III offers poems by two poets who did not publish during their lifetimes, but had strong imaginative responses to the conflict, thus giving a sense of the long reach of the war as a defining national experience. For older grades, you may need to give them a week for some of the steps. Setting up your own in-class Peer Review Group can not only teach your students teamwork and cooperation, but also compassion and tact.

And as the Teacher, you'll have an opportunity to see our future teachers, counselors, and leaders in action. This can not only help the individual writer whose work is being reviewed, but it can help the students who are doing the reviewing. Students take what they've learned from reviewing other works, and apply that knowledge to their own short stories. They're be more able to critique their own work after having critiqued other students' work first. You may want to break your class into smaller groups, and have each group read portions of a story, then critique it.

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How can it be improved? Is it too long? Is it descriptive enough? Don't worry about spelling or grammar at this point.

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We'll work on them in the final editing. These can be funny or serious, whatever the student wants.

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Encourage them to include props in their photo, like a typewriter, fake mustache, pipe, jewelry, bust of Shakespeare, etc. Some students may spend a lot of time on the bio and photo, and be so proud of it that they work a little harder trying to perfect the short story itself. Get students to suggest phrases taken from some of the works within the anthology. Combine a few different phrases After all, your students may need a little reminder when they pull their copy of the anthology off of their bookshelves in 20 years or even 50 years.

If you'll be including artwork photos, drawings, etc. For the best quality student book printing, scan the images so that, when they are enlarged or reduced to their final print size, they are pixels per inch.

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First, determine the final print size of each piece of artwork. Then, simply multiply the width by to get the number of pixels wide. All scanners behaves a little differently, so you'll probably want to do a little experimenting with one or two pieces before jumping in and scanning all of the artwork at once. By spending a few minutes getting comfortable with the scanner settings ahead of time, you'll be saving yourself a lot of time and effort later. If you find that some of your artwork is a little lower than dpi, don't worry about it.

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You can get away with resolutions of dpi without any noticeable loss in quality. Your resolution can even drop to dpi and it'll still be pretty good. At dpi, if you look closely, it will start to look a little rough.

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  4. Determine the page size for your Anthology. Let's say it's 6 x 9, which is a pretty standard size. And be sure that all of your students have the same settings. Then they can start writing their story. This will simplify the task of combining all of their Word documents into a single document before the student book publishing process begins. It's up to you whether you want to give each student free reign over font selection, font size, spacing and layout. Some teachers require each student to use the same basic formatting, while other will let the students use their own creativity in formatting their stories.

    Keep in mind that if a student uses a unique font, YOU will have to have that font, too, in order for it to print the way the student intended. If you want to have all students use the same formatting, you may want to design a master Word file and create styles for Title, Subtitle, Body, and maybe a couple of other kinds of paragraph. Then make copies of this master file and distribute it to the class. This doesn't guarantee that the students will keep the formatting, but it helps.